Frequently Asked Questions
We meet every other Friday Sept.-Nov. (Fall Semester) and March-May (Spring Semester). (We begin on the first Friday of September and March.) We do not have regular meetings in the winter months due to weather concerns, though we do try to plan guest speakers, presentations, events, and field trips during off-months.
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When does Co-Op meet?
We ask families to use your discretion about driving in poor weather conditions. If Hollidaysburg Area School District is cancelled we will not have co-op, we will send out a text through Remind and/or email as soon as possible if we will be canceled.
Is co-op ever cancelled? How do participants find out?
We gather at 10:00 for a short Morning Meeting time. Classes are one-hour in length and begin at 10:15, 11:15, 1:00, and 2:00. Lunch is 12:15 – 1:00. The day ends at 3:00.
What are the hours for co-op?
No. Most families do enjoy staying the whole day, but do what fits your family’s schedule best. We ask that you sign your children up for at least 2 hours of classes.
Do we have to come for the entire day?
We do not have any food for sale. Families pack their lunches. There are a number of places within a 5 minute drive to purchase food.
Is food available to buy at lunchtime?
We expect families to make co-op a priority and to attend if at all possible. You are making a commitment to being here and teachers are buying and preparing supplies for your children. However, we also realize that kids get sick, cars break down, and life happens. If you know you will be out, it is helpful to notify a member of the Leadership Team so that we can notify teachers that you children will not be in classes. IF YOU ARE TEACHING OR ASSISTING IN A CLASS AND WILL BE ABSENT, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRANGE FOR SOMEONE TO COVER YOUR CLASS! There are at least 2 available substitutes each hour as well as adults who do not have an assignment that hour.
What if I am going to miss a meeting?
Yes. Co-op is a family event. You need to volunteer to do at least 2 jobs if your family attends half day and at least 3 jobs if you stay for the whole day. We all need to pitch in to make co-op possible. We are all in this together for the good of the kids. It is a great place to make new friends, share curriculum ideas, and be around others who understand your life. Co-op is a great experience for everyone, not just the kids! Also, because we are using the church’s space, we are under the constraints of their insurance policy. It is legally required that you are present at all times!
Do I need to stay when my kids are in classes?
No. We welcome all families, regardless of religious or political views. We are a diverse group. It is important for you to be able to respectfully accept others who are different from your family. A majority of our members are Christians. We do permit classes of a Christian nature to be offered, but they must specifically state in the class summary that the class will be taught from a Biblical point of view. If that does not match with your family’s beliefs, simply do not select that class. Most classes are not religious in nature and we ask that if you are not teaching a religiously-based class that you refrain from discussing religious topics out of respect for all participants. Because we are using the church’s space, we do hold ourselves to their standards. We will not offer classes that go against the morals or values of the church.
Do I need to sign a statement of faith or be a Christian to join?
If you have any sort of problem, whether it is a physical space issue, a materials issue, or a concern with someone in the class, please bring the concern to a member of the Leadership Team in a timely manner. We will do what we can to assist you. If the situation is urgent, please contact us immediately through the Remind App and we will address it right away. Our goal is for everyone to be happy, actively engaged, and safe in all of our classes.
What if there is a problem in my classroom?
We are very casual. Dress according to your classes. Many of us take gym classes that involve running around and art classes that involve messy materials. Wear clothes that are comfy, can get dirty, and make sense for your schedule. Please dress modestly (no extremely short skirts or shorts, no plunging necklines, and no cropped tops).
What should my family wear to co-op?
You are always welcome to volunteer to work in the nursery, 2-3 year olds room, or 4-5 year olds room if you have young children in those rooms. If you want to work in other classrooms, you are welcome to bring your little one in a carrier, wear your baby, or put your baby in a Pack & Play or stroller (if it is a room large enough to hold one).
I want to help but I have an infant/toddler/little one. What should I do?
As homeschoolers, we have with the freedom to get up and move around, talk when we want, and pretty much do our own thing much of the time. These normal behaviors can be disruptive in a group setting and can hinder the learning of others, though. We would appreciate if you could discuss the importance of staying in the room until the teacher dismisses you, raising your hand to share your ideas, staying in your seat, and listening quietly to the speaker. If everyone walked around, talked, or called out whenever they wanted, there would be chaos and a lesson would not be possible.
My children have never been in a class situation before. Should I prepare them in any way for the experience?
Yearly dues are $40 per family. If you are only joining us for one semester, it is $20. The church generously permits us to use their building free of charge, and even pays for us to be added to their insurance policy. We give them a sizable donation to cover the cost of the utilities we use. The money is also used to buy materials for the classrooms such as class-specific equipment (dissecting materials, art supplies, gym equipment, etc.), cleaning supplies, materials for the lending library, and typical class supplies (pencils, paper, glue, markers, tissues, etc.). If requested, we also give teachers a small amount ($20 max per class) toward the cost of their classes. All money collected for co-op use is used to support the running of the co-op. Nobody makes any money from co-op. We do not donate any money to other causes. Kristy Wall manages the finances.

SOME CLASSES HAVE SMALL FEES. IT IS YOUR CHOICE IF YOU SIGN YOUR FAMILY UP FOR CLASSES THAT HAVE A FEE. THIS COST IS IN ADDITION TO THE DUES. Teachers have the right to ask for a small fee (not to exceed $10 for the semester) if their class requires extensive materials that they will be supplying to the children.
What does co-op cost? What is the money used for?
Any forms or money should be submitted to Kristy Wall. Cash is preferred. If you need to write out a check, PLEASE MAKE IT OUT TO HLBG HOMESCHOOL CO-OP.
Where should I turn in my forms and money?
Clearances are good for 5 years (60 months from the oldest clearance date). We keep your copies on file. You do not need to apply for new ones or turn them in to us each year.
How often do I need to update my clearances?
As an assistant in a classroom, you are to help the lead teacher with passing out materials, help individual children, in other words, be an active part of the classroom. Please do not use mobile devices while you are assisting with a class.
What are my responsibilities if I am a teaching assistant?
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