1. There must be a responsible adult accompanying each family of children. This adult must stay with the co-op for the entire time that the children are present. The co-op is not a drop-off service.

2. Families may attend for the morning session, the afternoon session, or the full day. Adults attending half days are expected to assist with or teach both periods. Adults attending full days are expected to assist with, teach, and sub at least three periods. Families are expected to assist in classrooms at any point if extra adult coverage is needed and they are available.

3. Families should show up on time. People have spent valuable time to prepare lessons for your children. Please honor their time and efforts. Having numerous children walk in at random times during lessons is very distracting and wastes group time.

4. Families should stay in the areas of the building that are specified as co-op spaces.

5. Please be respectful of the building and its furnishings. Make sure that your students are respecting the space during lessons. Make certain everything is clean and in order when you are finished with lessons and after lunch. (Refer to list of duties in red folder.)

6. Be accepting of the views and beliefs of all participants. We are a very diverse group with differing religious, political, and social beliefs. Be kind. We can agree to disagree at times.

7. If you are teaching a class or classes, please do your best to commit to being there every meeting. If you will need to be absent, you must arrange to have a lesson for substitutes to teach. Leave plans and materials for your assistant or another co-op parent to use.

8. Children should attend all sessions that they have signed up for. They may not switch classes from week to week. Decisions about what to take should be well thought out so that they are enjoying their learning.

9. Some semesters we might have a study hall area. It should be used only by students who are not signed up for a class during that given time block. If a student does not have a class every hour, that is fine. They should remain in the study hall area during all free times. Students should never be found wandering the halls or grounds unattended during co-op time.

10. Our time together is limited and valuable. Children are expected to follow directions, be polite, and participate in lessons. If a child is being disruptive to the learning environment, the teacher should give three gentle reminders of the expectations. If the reminders do not fix the situation, the child will need to sit out from the lesson for a brief time. If the child continues to be disruptive, their responsible adult will need to be notified and the child will need to leave the classroom until they are prepared to participate properly.
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